Kitchens for living—and for life.

When it comes to kitchens in Jonesboro and all over northeast Arkansas, the word Gilmore’s stands out. It’s a code word for “best” that applies not only to materials, cabinetry and appliances but also to the evolving role kitchens play in today’s homes and lifestyles.

Doug Gilmore and his team of design and installation professionals have been building custom kitchens for more than 30 years, and he is considered one of the best planners and designers in the region.

What makes a Gilmore Kitchen so special? Customers say there are several words that apply, such as classic, beautiful, irreplaceable, elegant, functional, custom-built, modern, unique and sensible.

But it’s clear that every Gilmore kitchen has one thing in common: They are timeless.

“For most families, the kitchen is the place where you sit down and talk about your day,” says Doug. “That’s why we put so much heart into the kitchens we design. It’s more than a kitchen to us — it’s the centerpiece of the home and the family, and nothing is more important than that.”